QUIZ: XFL Team, or Unlicensed Fictional Football Team?

1. St. Louis Battlehawks
2. Los Angeles Thunderbirds
3. Seattle Dragons
4. Tampa Bay Vipers
5. Memphis Maniax
6. Rapid City Monuments 
7. New York/New Jersey Hitmen
8. Detroit Devils
9. Duluth Bulldogs
10. Dallas Renegades
11. Orlando Rage

12. Dallas Knights 
13. New York Emperors
14. Louisiana Tigers
15. Birmingham Thunderbolts
16. Toronto Roughriders
17. Los Angeles Wildcats
18. Miami Sharks 
19. Las Vegas Aces
20. Orlando Hammerheads
21. Chicago Enforcers
22. Team 9

XFL Team: 1. St. Louis Battlehawks (XFL II), 3. Seattle Dragons (XFL II), 4. Tampa Bay Vipers (XFL II), 5. Memphis Maniax (XFL I), 7. New York/New Jersey Hitmen (XFL I), 10. Dallas Renegades (XFL II), 11. Orlando Rage (XFL I), 15. Birmingham Thunderbolts (XFL I), 17. Los Angeles Wildcats (XFL II), 21. Chicago Enforcers (XFL I), 22. Team 9 (XFL II)

Unlicensed Fictional Football Teams: 2. Los Angeles Thunderbirds (Psych), 6. Rapid City Monuments (The Dark Knight Rises), 8. Detroit Devils (Blitz: The League), 9. Duluth Bulldogs (Leatherheads), 12. Dallas Knights (Any Given Sunday), 13. New York Emperors (Any Given Sunday), 14. Louisiana Tigers (Everybody’s All American), 16. Toronto Roughriders (South Park), 18. Miami Sharks (Any Given Sunday), 19. Las Vegas Aces (Blitz: The League), 20. Orlando Hammerheads (Blitz: The League)

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