14 Words That You Would Only Use If You Were a Friendless Virgin Who Writes the NYT Crossword Puzzle

  1. E-cig
  2. Stet 
  3. Iago
  4. Etta 
  5. Ne’er 
  6. Ciao
  7. ROFL
  8. Ere 
  9. Beethoven
  10. Orcs
  11. Ahh
  12. Torte
  13. Opel
  14. IRA

What’s an acceptable level of cheating on a crossword puzzle?


  • Looking up the name of somebody you have no reason to know
  • Using Google maps to confirm if the Wichita-to-Omaha direction is ENE or NNE
  • You’ve never heard of that word
  • You’ve heard of that word, but honestly it’s a pretty bullshit answer/clue
  • Asking your parent/partner/friend/bus-seat mate
  • [Check Word]
  • You need to keep your NYT Crossword streak alive


  • Needing to plug in your phone because you’ve used up all your battery looking up questions
  • You’ve already looked up the same clue’s answer for three previous puzzles
  • You’re looking up the name of an actor in a movie you’ve seen
  • You know in your heart of hearts that you do/should know the answer.
  • Asking your ex/professor/ex professor/professor ex
  • [Check Puzzle]
  • You’re competing for leaderboard position on the NYT Mini