What’s an acceptable level of cheating on a crossword puzzle?


  • Looking up the name of somebody you have no reason to know
  • Using Google maps to confirm if the Wichita-to-Omaha direction is ENE or NNE
  • You’ve never heard of that word
  • You’ve heard of that word, but honestly it’s a pretty bullshit answer/clue
  • Asking your parent/partner/friend/bus-seat mate
  • [Check Word]
  • You need to keep your NYT Crossword streak alive


  • Needing to plug in your phone because you’ve used up all your battery looking up questions
  • You’ve already looked up the same clue’s answer for three previous puzzles
  • You’re looking up the name of an actor in a movie you’ve seen
  • You know in your heart of hearts that you do/should know the answer.
  • Asking your ex/professor/ex professor/professor ex
  • [Check Puzzle]
  • You’re competing for leaderboard position on the NYT Mini

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