Have words lost all independent meaning? Try our coronavirus word search!

If words are failing you, see if you can find these words hidden in the puzzle above. Maybe try to form a negotiating bloc with your friends in nearby states to help! 

  • Tontine
  • Sourdough Starter
  • Respirator
  • Cuomo
  • Fauci
  • Ozark Binge
  • Save the USPS
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Joe Exotic
  • Where’s Biden
  • Low Hum of Anxiety
  • The Last Dance

The Worst Things We’re Going to Do When Quarantine Ends

  • Keep talking to people about my sourdough starter
  • Go back to letting the faucet run without actually washing my hands, just so people outside the bathroom don’t judge me 
  • Touch
  • Produce Season 2 of Netflix’s Tiger King
  • Hold the subway poles with my mouth
  • Watch NFL football
  • Feel
  • Proclaim to be pro-science on things like climate change, but quietly hold an internal skepticism of vaccines
  • Get seriously injured and waltz into the hospital
  • Hold
  • Greet all strangers with an open mouth kiss
  • Scream, “I missed you, man!” at every passing stranger
  • Continue going on walks wearing a bandana around your mouth like an 8-year-old dressed up as a cowboy 
  • Stop tipping delivery drivers for a few months, to balance things back out