The Worst Ways to Ask Your Wal-Mart Pharmacist For the Vaccy

  1. In gummy form
  2. Straight to the heart
  3. Infused into my homemade double IPA. Do you want to try my homemade double IPA? Here, I brought some, you should try it. 
  4. Up the peen
  5. Mixed into a large jar of mayonnaise
  6. “So like, ya got doses?”
  7. [opens mouth wider than is normal for a human while maintaining eye contact]
  8. Crushed into a powder and snorted off a framed photo of Tony Fauci
  9. Cooked on a spoon
  10. Eye shots!
  11. Mixed into my ashes and scattered across my step-dad’s 1959 Corvette
  12. One part rum three parts cola one part mRNA two ice cubes
  13. “Huffable”
  14. In a retinoid topical cream
  15. Somewhere crowded, indoors, with poor air circulation
  16. Combined with the pills I take because my dick too big
  17. Poured into this bowl of bat soup
  18. Over dinner on Saturday night, Sandra?