Twelve Things Less Cute Five Months Into Quarantine

Do you remember mid-March? Oh, those were the days. Stockpiling two weeks of toilet paper like we’d only be trapped inside for AT MOST three weeks, and posting photos of our medicare bread. What a time. Now, five months into what is either definitely the home stretch or the beginning of our lives hermetically sealed in our apartments for the rest of forever, this whole experience has become a little less novel. Here are twelve things that are way less cute five months into the endless quarantine. 

  1. Sourdough Starter: The sourdough starter may have died, but something in there is alive, purple, and growing. I don’t think it would be happy if I tried to bake it. 
  2. Avoiding People on the Sidewalk: I would trade my big toe to casually bump into a stranger without fear.
  3. Zoom Backgrounds: No amount of pretending to be on the Death Star during video conferences will suppress the desire to force-choke anyone who requires cameras to be on for every meeting.
  4. Drinking Alone: FaceTime happy hour turns into private sad five-hour and it is ~not chill~ anymore.
  5. Baking as Therapy: Eating your feelings is not sustainable for this much time with this many feelings to eat. I have gout. 
  6. Donald Trump being President: lol remember when Republicans were like, “OMG shut up it’s not like he’s going to kill everyone. Remember when Obama wore a tan suit?” Well I hate to say we told you so but 163,000 people are dead and this is not a joke and it never was a joke jesus christ. Get this man into a retirement home where he can spend time with his favorite person, woman, man, camera, and TV.
  7. Retail Therapy: The only thing less fun than getting fat and sad is getting fat, sad, and poor. 
  8. Not Being in Crowds: I will pay you to graze my ass like we’re in a cramped space just so I can feel something, anything.
  9. Cutting Your Own Hair: U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi YOUR HAIR IS FUCKED UP.
  10. Working on the Couch: BRB Googling, “Can you develop scoliosis by sitting hunched forever?” 
  11. Living in a State of Perpetual Panic: Hahah is this literally ever going to end? No, seriously. Someone tell me. This was cute when it was all like, “We’re all in this together, let’s all applaud for the working poor being forced to risk their health or starve.” (Editor’s note: This was not cute.) Now though, I’m about one more stalled relief bill from flying to DC and spitting directly into Mitch McConnell’s mouth to finally get results on whether I have COVID on a reasonable timeline. Remember when you would debate with your friends on who would last longest in a zombie apocalypse? Well it’s not me, and it would be pretty nifty if we don’t have to put those theories to the test. 
  12. Not Going into the Office: JK this one still rules. You fuckers will never see me in-person again if I have anything to say about it. Deuces. 

Hey buddy, how are you?

Hey man, how’s it going? You hanging in there? Things are pretty nuts right now, huh? Unprecedented times, that’s for sure!

Just wanted to check in and see how you were. I know we’re all pretty isolated right now and it’s tough to stay connected, so I thought I’d drop you a line. Let me know if you ever want to video chat, I’ve got a pretty sweet Zoom hook up!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you during these trying times! While I’ve got you, I did also want to check in on that $14,000 you owe me. I was just looking at my Gcal (who can even remember what day it is, lol!!) and noticed it had been six months since you were supposed to pay me back.

It’s no big deal, I know how crazy things are right now! I wasn’t even sure banks were open anymore, what with the unprecedented times and everything. But I had a sec so I looked it up and it turns out they were deemed “essential businesses” within the State of New York so we should be all good on that front.

Maybe we can chat about you getting me that money when we have a Zoom hang! I was thinking a little virtual happy hour? If you’re up for it, we could both make our favorite cocktails (Old Fashioned for me, haha!) and just kick it. It would honestly just be great to see another person’s face!

Speaking of which, I noticed that after I sent Big Joey to try to collect in February you kind of bashed his nose in with your driver (you’ve still got that old Callaway, huh?). Good thing he’s quarantining at home now, so no one can see how jacked up his face his!! Gotta focus on those silver linings these days, that’s for sure! Anyway, just wanted to make sure you weren’t planning to do that again if I send Timmy “The Clown” O’Callaghan your way—I don’t want anyone within 6 feet of my guys!! 

But seriously, quarantining with my ball and chain has me missing the good old days, when you and I used to knock back a few (dozen, lol!!) brews at the bar and set terms of a payment for a loan between pals. Remember those days, when people could go to a bar? Hah! But really what is this world coming to?

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that your whole family is in my thoughts! Especially your parents—are they still out on Long Island? At that place in Islip? 2634 Union Boulevard? Just down the block from the high school? 

Well tell ‘em I say hello, and that they better be staying inside! If I hear they’re going out, I’ll tell Father Johnny over at St. Pat’s on ‘em! Hah!

Good catching up, drop me a line some time. Account number and routing information to follow.

All my best!

Conference Call Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re anything like us, you’re a busy business person who does important business. That probably means you had to trade board rooms for Zoom rooms, thanks to The Ro Ro. However, that’s no need to worry. We’re here to help you with important do’s and don’ts for conference call etiquette:

Do: Keep your camera on at the start of the call to pressure everyone into turning theirs on too, even if — especially if — they don’t want to.

Don’t: Wear pants. Why would you wear pants, prude?

Do: Stroke the nearest dog, cat or roommate within reach to look intimidating while you speak.

Don’t: Accept invites for “virtual happy hours” from work.

Do: Go five-drinks deep with your friends on Google Hangouts this Wednesday.

Do: Ask everyone to repeat themselves, no matter how well you can hear them.

Don’t: Speak. This is like every other meeting. The goal is to say as little as possible.

Do: Interrupt others and stammer as if you have something to say then sit silently for minutes until everyone realizes this was a mistake and cancels the call.

Don’t: Ask “how is everyone doing?” It’s bad. We’re all doing bad. This is bad. 

Do: Zone out and ignore the call until somebody asks you a question, and then say, “Sorry, I think the feed cut out” 

Don’t: Set your Zoom background to the ISIS flag. Or do! Whatever, it’s The Purge!

Do: Mute your camera when you have to fart, but show with your facial expression that you are very clearly farting.

Don’t: Freebase blow. It’s difficult to share virtually and you can’t assume all other call participants have access.