The Starr-torial Report: Why did Ken Starr decide to wear such a stupid-looking cowboy hat to the impeachment trial?

Left on Read has substantial and credible information supporting the following grounds to possibly think this hat was befitting of one of America’s most sanctimonious blowhards:
Maybe it was his favorite hat to wear while out on his fishing expeditions in the 1990s. Plus, when your office happens to leak details of the Whitewater investigation to the press, you can always use your hat to catch ten gallons worth of seepage.
Then again, maybe he picked a wide-brim hat to conceal himself from the culture of sexual violence on Baylor’s campus that propagated under his watch. Can’t be taken down in a probe into executive nonfeasance if you were too busy tilting your goofy-ass hat back so you could see in front of you without turning your neck up!
Or who’s to say. Maybe he just wanted to go with a more retro look.

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