The Types of Dad Photos on My Insta Feed on Father’s Day, Ranked

  1. Dads Who Are Drunk and Clearly Drink a Little Too Much from Time to Time
  2. Dads Grilling
  3. Dads with Porn Staches and/or Coke Bottle Glasses
  4. Dads Lovingly Holding Pets
  5. Dads Driving Boats
  6. Dads Reading in Armchairs, Totally Unaware a Photo Is Being Taken
  7. Dads Without Shirts, Despite Body Type
  8. Dads Deadpanning Phone Cameras
  9. Dads in Tuxes
  10. Dads Drinking Michelob Ultra
  11. Dads Dancing with Daughters at Weddings
  12. Dads Smoking Cigars
  13. Dads Trying to Take Selfies
  14. Dads Holding Their Newborn Kids
  15. Dads Fishing
  16. Dads Golfing
  17. Dads Wearing Paperboy Hats

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