So apparently there’s some scary new virus and no one will tell me if it’ll make me skinny

If you’ve been able to pry your eyes away from the Senate’s unconstitutional witchhunt, you’ve probably heard that there’s some new coronavirus going around and we’re all supposed to be terrified about it.

But while the corporate media is busy whipping us all up into a frenzy, there are so many questions I still can’t find answers to. Like, what are the symptoms of this supposed virus? Do they include sudden and dramatic weight loss? How long would something like that even take? Would it happen in time for a wedding later this month?

I think it goes without saying, the lamestream media is more interested in clicks and ratings than in giving us the real information. And I’m not alleging any sort of cover-up, but the CDC so far won’t comment on even my most basic requests for information. Simple questions like “if the symptoms do include massive weight loss, how would one go about contracting this virus?” are going unanswered each day.

It’s time for the people to know the truth. We’re sick of the lies, distractions, and false narratives. Someone needs to tell me if this virus will make me skinny, and they need to tell me now. 

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