This Puppy Is So Cute It Might Just Distract You from the Crumbling of Modern Society

Wook at this itty bitty fwuffy face! Oh, those eyes! I could just spend all day staring into those big ole eyes instead of staring down the barrel of a looming economic depression. You’re not afraid of a little depressy wessy, are you, you fluffy nugget of hope? And look at the boopable snoot! That snoot needs a boop like thousands of doctors desperately need PPE that they can’t get. No they can’t get it, can they?!? No they can’t. You are just the absolute picture of love. Your wittle fwuffy body is so filled with love, it’s almost possible to forget how our political culture is increasingly dominated by hate. What a wittle wuv bug! Thank God for you, and only you.

Credit: Animal Haven

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