This Kitten Is So Cute That You Might Forget that Democracy Is Literally at Stake

OMG. Look at this tiny wittle kitty cat. Just one look at those sweet, caring eyes is almost enough to distract you from the fact that our sitting president is literally using a deadly pandemic to keep people from voting. Almost. But those pawsies! Oh the biscuits they will knead. That biscuit making is so much more fun to watch than watching the Senate’s majority party literally do nothing as millions are disenfranchised by systematic destruction of voting rights. Do you think this kitty witty would tear-y wear-y the Voting Rights Act apart like Mitch McConnell? I sure don’t think so. This little fluffer surely wouldn’t stick its tiny nose up when told that silence is compliance when it comes to the slaughter of black people. Even it knows better than that, because it’s a lovely little sweety and not a careless piece of human shit. Good job, kitty. At least you can do the bare minimum. 

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