The Vibe-Rater

Peloton Husband

In which we provide a vibe-rating of people’s vibes:

  • Kamala Harris: her vibes are… BAE AF 🥰. We as a nation absolutely LOVE a woman who gives up her ambition.
  • Peloton husband: his vibes are… CHILLLL . Dude seems like a really good hang, nothing psycho happening here!
  • Laura Dern: her vibes are… MY WIIIIIIFE . This one isn’t a joke, she is my betrothed. The ceremony was at halftime of a Chicago Bulls game and Baby Yoda officiated. It was beautiful, thank you.
  • Prince Andrew: his vibes are… BRUHHHH 🤦‍♂️. Literally all you had to do—for the entirety of your life—was, like, not this.
  • Tua Tagovailoa: his vibes are… RELATABLE KING . Who among us has never carried a group project, just to watch it all fall apart the moment you step away.
  • Spotify: her vibes are… CLINGY ❌. Lol you’ve been tracking my music for a literal decade? Soooo obsessed with me haha you creep lol, but no like what are you doing later?

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