Close Friends is nice, but here are 5 more tiers Instagram should add to stories

The Boys Back Home: There is nothing — NOTHING — more important than the boys back home. They crave a steady flow of your content. Don’t you dare forget about the boys back home!!

Mom ❤: For your once-a-year wholesome content. Crucially, this feature also sends your mom a twice weekly DM explaining how to use Instagram and reminding her to like and share all your posts.

Bae Who Doesn’t Know They’re Bae: Only one person is allowed on this list, a repository for only your hottest pics.

I Have Done An Alcohol: hahaha guysssss I’m so young and fun (basically everyone except for your coworkers and kids who won the D.A.R.E. poster contest).

Nudes: All of your friends are on this list, it’s more of a public account feature, really. Free the nip, folks.

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