It’s a Wonderful Life, Reviewed: An Emotionally Abusive Drunk Driver Conspires To Commit Insurance Fraud

There’s nothing better than a holiday classic, and no other movie hits all the high notes quite like It’s A Wonderful Life.

In Frank Capra’s masterpiece, we get all anyone wants in a Christmas movie: a gritty look at a small town loan officer’s slow descent into madness. Who can forget as George Bailey screams and shouts at his children, reducing his wife to tears as he destroys his house in a violent rage? Or the iconic holiday moment as he drunkenly slams his car into a historic tree and promptly flees the scene?

And there’s nothing more festive than a little insurance fraud, right? Well, unless you count insurance fraud with a dash of suicidal thoughts thrown in! Fortunately, this movie gives us all that and more as we witness our hero attempt to fix his company’s books with ill-begotten life insurance payouts.

Of course, the emotional apex arrives when the impoverished townspeople band together to fork over their life savings to George, only to find out that a wealthy benefactor has already covered the costs. George does not return anyone’s money. It’s literally the perfect Christmas classic. 

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