What Is This Hyper-Capitalist Shaming Bullshit?

If you do #business like we do #business, you have probably seen some Ayn Rand garbage like this making the rounds: 

“If you don’t come out of this quarantine with:

  • A new skill
  • More knowledge
  • Your side hustle started

You never lacked time, you lacked discipline.”

While we here at Left on Read love shaming people for almost anything (we’re looking at you, people who cover their mouths when they laugh. Why are you covering your mouth? Do you hate joy, weirdo?), this has the empathy and spirit of Ronald Reagan throwing bags of pennies at homeless people—a true thing that did happen. 

Here’s a fun bit of information: We are in a motherfucking pandemic. You know, a worldwide event during which thousands of people are dying and every single person is being forced to stay inside. In other words, it bad. This bad. During times that are, you know, this catastrophically shitty, we can just maybe have the slightest bit of empathy for people not feeling like learning how to do a VLOOKUP. I’m looking at you, “Thought Leaders.”

As we enter week five of quarantine purgatory, our bar for what constitutes success needs to be brought way the fuck down. So, if you don’t come out of this quarantine with…

Congratulations! You are an amazing human genius and we are very proud of you. You did it, and we are proud of you.

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